How to use the Micronix K735 Series Macro

by Manager

Posted on May 29, 2019

Hi. It is Hanmi Micronix.

MANIC K735 Edge RGB KEY BOX Axis The hardware macro setting of the product can be stored in five keys of y / u / i / o / p basically.

Press FN + F11 to start saving. Once the save is started, you can save the y / u / i / o / p key

The LED for that key is displayed. After that, press the key that you want to save and input the desired macro

FN + F11 will end the save. After saving, turn on macro function through FN + Y

If you press the key with macro set, the macro will be executed. If you need to turn off the macro function

Press FN + y again to end the macro.

Macro order

FN + F11> y / u / i / o / p Settings> Enter Macro> FN + F11 Save End> FN + Y Macro function ON> FN + Y Macro function OFF sequence. 

Thank you.