Color Mainboard AS regulations

by Manager

Posted on May 29, 2019

1.     Free A / S regulation

-       Guaranteed 3 year free A / S warranty for colorful motherboard products

     (Proof document: Transaction statement / Tax invoice / Cash receipt / Card payment statement. Simple receipt is not accepted.)

-       3 years free on-site warranty if there is no supporting document

- In       case of malfunction or malfunction in normal use during the warranty period of the product

- In        A / S processing, box and contents of product are not processed, only product is processed.

2.     Charter A / S Regulations

-       Products beyond warranty

-       If the product is damaged due to natural disasters or consumer error during warranty period

     ( Eg, CPU socket pin breakage , component breakage , connector breakage, etc. )

- If the       product is damaged due to modification or function modification during warranty period

-       Failure due to use and carelessness

3.      A / S non-acceptance criteria

-       Parts have been discontinued due to completion of the warranty period

- Even       if the product is within the guarantee period , it can not be reproduced because PCB (PCB) of product is burned, pattern is broke