Monitor product A / S regulation

by Manager

Posted on May 29, 2019

Micronics Monitor A / S Regulations


( Note ) Hanmi Micronics The conduct quality assurance and follow-up services in accordance with the provisions set forth in the consumer damages and consumer protection laws . In the event of a manufacturing defect or a natural breakdown within the warranty period, the product will be replaced and repaired through the place of purchase or customer support center .


1. This product is manufactured through strict quality control and inspection process .

2. The product after purchasing one free year between A / S can be accessed .

3. The free A / S period is based on the purchase receipt . Please keep your receipt .

4. Even within the warranty period, you may be charged the service fee according to the details of the fee service if it exceeds the consumer's fault . ( Service charges include repair , parts , travel, and other additional costs .)

5. If anything is wrong with the product, please contact the distributor or customer support center (1522-6399) .


â–¶ Paid service case

1. Service of the product after the guarantee period

2. of consumers and , when failures occur due to negligence ( eg : foreign inputs , direct . Indirect external shocks )

3. When consumers failure due to any modifications ( for example : the decomposition of the product , modification , use unspecified options and consumables )

4 when a failure occurs due to the instability of the power supply ( for example