Monitor product bad pixel processing standard

by Manager

Posted on May 29, 2019

Monitor product defective pixel processing regulations


â–¶ Flawless product

BRIGHT DOT 1 If more than one exchange object is DARK DOT is 4 if more than one exchange object .

• BRIGHT DOT: A pixel that appears bright on a dark panel screen

• DARK DOT: Pixels that appear black on the panel screen in bright patterns

※ It can be exchanged when the receipt is confirmed within 15 days of purchase of the product .

※ Processing standard : 15 days to 1 month from the date of purchase of the product Replacement panel replacement


â–¶ General products

Admitted as bad from more than 5 defective pixels

• It can be exchanged only when the receipt is confirmed within 15 days of purchasing the product .

• Processing standard : 15 days to 1 month from date of purchase.

• Bad Pixel Identification Criteria Environment : Must be able to identify lights above 750LUX , 45cm away from the monitor .

• The screen is divided into 9 equal parts and the center part ( No. 5 ) is recognized as 1 or more , and the other areas ( excluding the middle part ) are recognized as 5 or more .

• Certain models such as RP are excluded from bad pixel processing regulations



• Screen the central criterion 9 divided by a central portion (5 times ) defectiv