Micronics went down a treat at Global Sources HK, 2017


Posted on October 11, 2019

HanmiMicronics, a leading computer peripheral brand company, based in Korea participated in the Global Sources consumer electronic exhibition, 2017 at Asia World Expo (AWE), Hong Kong from October 11 to 14, many of new products and technologies were unveiled to the global market.

The exhibition attracted more than 100 countries around the world and boasted a total of 3,700 booth-sized, ultra-wide electronic products exhibitions, ranging from industrial, smart home appliances, gaming and VR Electronic products in the field.

Micronics participated 2nd consecutive year at this show, was paid attention from many visitors and buyers with their various product line-ups such as power supply, PC case, cooling fan and speaker.



The Micronics G-Series, a gaming power supply designed & developed by Micronics's unique platform, has a technological potential such as D-VRM, digital LED mod, and LED effects with connected devices. The 'Zero Watt' patented technology (zero standby power) has also massively paid attention from buyers from all over the world, In addition, the PC case, 'MASTER M', 'FRONTIER H' series and the round-style bar-shaped speaker 'Round Studio' which are all developed by Micronics's own design were boasted that stands out to global market.

Hundreds of visitors knocks the Micronics booth every day, and achieved an export consultation performance of $ 1 million to pave the way for a full-fledged export. Micronics shows off their will to pursue export markets through participating in overseas exhibitions and finding buyers, and plans to steadily implement activities for domestic consumers.