Micronics, in Computex 2017


Posted on October 11, 2019

Micronics, a PC peripherals and integrated PC specialist, participated in Computex 2017, Asia's largest global ICT exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan. Micronics introduced various new products such as PSU, AIO Cases, cases, wireless charging solutions and others and made a big mark.

Micronics has showcased fully customizable high-end AIO cases for gaming with curved QHD display with own tooling and technologies, a new 'G-series' power supply RGB LED tuning, based on its unique platform and, new mid tower PC cases 'Master series', patented dual bladed fan for system fans, VGA coolers, wired / wireless sound bars, liquid CPU cooler, and others. All of them attracted the big attention of the visitors and media but especially, a PC case which, adopts air-conditioning cooling system and a new concept of long range wireless charging solution which, covers 4.5m radius for various smart devices, IoT products, will give a big impact on currently existing markets soon and will change the paradigm of total industry. 

Micronics has shown its unique products with cutting edge technologies among the world's leading brands thru this Computex and is ready to lead not only the domestic Korean market but also overseas markets soon.